SW-52221 - USA (New Jersey) - RFI for Enterprise Workforce Management Software Program - Deadline January 17,2022

Product (RFP/RFQ/RFI/Solicitation/Tender/Bid Etc.) ID: SW-52221

Government Authority located in New Jersey; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for enterprise workforce management software program.

[A] Budget: Looking for Proposals

[B] Scope of Service:

Vendor needs to provide enterprise workforce management software program
- Customizable, User Friendly Interface - user-specific customized interface that enables robust feature set to each individual user’s unique set of recurring tasks
- Users need to learn only those tasks they will be performing, adding new tasks as necessary, without being distracted by unused features. Instead of the traditional toolbar, the users see their own personalized task bar consisting of icons which represent only those tasks that have been defined. Memorizes the sequence of commands for recurring tasks, requiring the user to enter only variable data, such as dates.
- Users can access their own customized interface from any workstation. The product follows the user’s logon ID, so that users always see their unique desktop when logging on from any location
- Special Events/Correlated Attributes Forecasting - Call center forecasts are based on historical data. Features called “Special Event” that is used to isolate and weight historical statistics when producing a forecast,
- A Special Event can simply exclude historical data from the forecast (an event that is not likely to be repeated), or you can use a Special Event to inform the forecaster to treat historical statistics deferentially,
- Correlation Attributes can be assigned to a Special Event. These attributes can limit the inclusion of historical data that meet a certain condition, or weight the importance of historical statistics used in the forecast
- Configurable Time Step Sizes and Service Level Objectives - gives you the ability to alter Service Levels based on user configurable time step size
- Outbound Support - support outbound demand phone traffic. All work types are treated appropriately
- Skill Set Scheduling - The ability to schedule agents to multiple serving teams during the day, each serving team associated with different queues, and each queue representing a skill set
- Multimedia Support - supports all forms of multimedia. All work types are treated appropriately. For example, e-mail service level objectives are specified differently than inbound objectives
- Automated Scheduling - scheduling system provides fully automated rules and preference-based scheduling capabilities to minimize manual tasks
- Sum of Squares Schedule Optimization - The advanced schedule optimization is based on a Sum of Squares (SSQ) figure of merit analysis, not a simple “hours-net-to-zero.” Competing algorithms that use the net-to-zero approach cannot distinguish between schedules that deliver good and bad service. Only our algorithms can truly optimize
- Daily Management - give you the tools to view and adjust to changing conditions during the current day. These tools include Operations Analysis, Intraday Forecasting, Intraday Requirements, Reoptimize Schedules, and the optional Agent Notification System
- Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting Capability - a suite of reports that help you run your call center efficiently. You can display, print, e-mail and export ad hoc reports that have a wide selection of parameters
- Automation - Automation features are Recurring Jobs, Timed Jobs, and Linked Shortcuts,
- Recurring Jobs lets you set up automated processing of the Forecasting and Scheduling operations of the system. Recurring Jobs are unattended batches of the forecasting, requirements generation, and/or scheduling operations
- Data Filters - Filters streamline the functions and data a user must deal with to get the job done and prevents changing data that belongs to other offices or users,
- Advanced Commands and Policy portals product that provides windows for advanced custom commands and policies that allow the user to mold the product to their current processes as well as providing endless creativity as it relates to forecasting, scheduling, requirements, vacation planning, budgeting all the way down to the agent level
- Spreadsheet Reporting Module - Spreadsheet Reporting Module for provides the ultimate flexibility in Workforce Management reporting. The Development team understands that there will always be a specific way that each user would like to view and report on their data based on corporate processes,
- Hosted Option - available as a hosted, low cost, subscription-based solution for managing your call center workforce, that gives you the same powerful features as enterprise solution.

[C] Eligibility:

Onshore (USA organization Only)

[D] Work Performance:

Performance of the work will be Offsite. Vendor needs to carry work in their office premises.

Expiry Date : Monday, 17 January, 2022

Category : Software, System and Application

Country : USA

State : New Jersey

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