SW-58298 - USA (Virginia) - RFI for Clinical Decision Support System - Deadline July 22,2022

Product (RFP/RFQ/RFI/Solicitation/Tender/Bid Etc.) ID: SW-58298

Government Authority located in Virginia; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for clinical decision support system.

[A] Budget: Looking for Proposals

[B] Scope of Service:

Vendor needs to provide clinical decision support system for medical, pharmaceutical and health information that is designed to provide physicians and other health professionals with clinical decision support tools and information to assist with clinical decision-making tasks.
- Securely delivers referential resources to clinicians by multiple means, to include internet, mobile devices.
- Includes a secure browser-based decision support platform;
- Provides secure mobile application access;
- Provides easy to use, unbiased, evidence-based appropriateness criteria and information;
- Provides access to an online, evidence-based decision support tool and library that will assist with patient diagnosis and treatment.
- Please describe if your application provides an online platform for accruing and tracking continuing education credits for clinical staff, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
- Provides a searchable health library which offers evidenced-based research and education on pertinent health and mental health topics.
- Provides continuously updated annual subscription service, (monthly billing is not permitted).
- Offers evidenced-based decision-support tools and resources for health care providers.
- Has a full-time medical director on staff.
- Allows agency to easily standardize and share clinical best practices and protocols with staff and patients, if applicable and on any device.
- Provides an online, easy to use, evidence based clinical resource with unbiased, referenced data
- Provides printed patient information, teaching leaflets and handouts including drug, disease, diet, activity, pain management, health outcomes, etc.,:
i. In multiple languages, (Minimum: in English and Spanish);
ii. Written at a 5th-7th grade reading level and
iii. Availability to provide drug disease information in several languages electronically and in hard copy.
- The capabilities of the referential resource shall have the functionality to:
i. Provide referential content online as well as hard copy;
ii. Be available via the internet 24/7, 365 days per year to staff by multiple means (e.g., mobile, internet);
iii. Provide the expertise and or be available to users to assist in a variety of situations such as:
1. Pharmacy and therapeutic committee support;
2. Medication use evaluation development and support;
3. Drug therapy guideline development
4. Provide unbiased accurate and balanced drug information;
5. Provide timely information;
- Provide the capability to individualize therapy and address patient-specific questions related to:
a. general patient care,
b. disease information or
c. Questions that do not directly affect patient care, such as: contraindications to disease states, drugs, dietary modifications, etc.
d. Drug information including, but are not limited to:
i. Therapeutic use of drugs and therapeutic alternatives;
ii. Appropriate dosing and administration;
iii. Drug identification;
iv. Toxicity of drugs
v. Adverse effects
vi. Drug-drug, drug-food interactions;
vii. Dosing adjustments for renal and hepatic insufficiency;
viii. Drug use in pregnancy and lactation;
ix. Pharmacokinetics;
x. Drug monitoring for efficacy and toxicity, toxicology;
xi. Intravenous compatibility;
xii. Alternative medications and natural products;
xiii. Foreign drugs;
xiv. Providing the relative cost of therapy
- Provides tools to streamline clinical workflow;
- Promotes standardization of care across organizations;
- Reduces the opportunity for medical errors;
- Improves patient outcomes and helps prevent readmissions;
- Provide individualized patient teaching handouts:
- Supports formulary management tools in the establishment of creating a managed formulary.

[C] Eligibility:

- Onshore (USA Organization Only);

[D] Work Performance:

Performance of the work will be Offsite. Vendor needs to carry work in their office location.

Expiry Date : Friday, 22 July, 2022

Category : Software, System and Application

Country : USA

State : Virginia

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